T h e   B l u e s

cantata da Dawson e Andie nell’episodio "I miei primi sedici anni"

My name is Dawson Leery
I'm feeling kind of weary
Today's my birthday
And you all look a little bleary
The girl that I cared for
Left me and ran away
Straight in to the arms
Of a guy who turned out to be gay

I got the blues...
Yeah, today I woke up feeling like I was born to lose
Yeah, I got the blues
Somedays you were born to lose.

Spoken: Here's my friend Andie
She's going to sing a song
cause she's got the blues... GO

My name is Andie
And my brother is the one who's gay
My other brother died
And my daddy went away.
But I'm still Andie
And my boyfriend makes me randy
His name is Pacey
And my mom's gone completely crazy

I've got the blues
Yeah, sometimes you swear you were born to lose

We got the blues...
Cause now it's time to put on my dancing shoes.

I've been restless
Hopeless and confused
This girl that I told you about
She's been on the move
She's at my surprise party
Where everyone I know is right now
When I show up late there
They're all gonna have a cow

Yeah, I've got the blues
You swear sometimes you were born to lose

We got the blues
Yeah, we got the blues
Yeah, sometimes you know you were born to lose.
Oh yeah....

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