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I Don't Want To Wait
by Paula Cole - Midi format - 65 Kb

I'll Stand by You
by The Pretenders - As seen in the pilot episode - 38 Kb

On My Own
from "Les Miserables", as sung by Joey in "Beauty Contest" - 10 Kb

Altri M I D I

The Look
by Roxette, from "The Look" page - 22 Kb

This Kiss
by Faith Hill, from the "Kiss List" page - 36 Kb

Danny Boy
Traditional Irish Song, from the "Something About Me" page - 9 Kb

Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Traditional Christmas Song, from the Main Page's Christmas version - 22 Kb

I Was Born To Love You
by Freddie Mercury, from the Josh Story Page - 56 Kb

That Thing You Do
by The Wonders, from the Ten Reasons Page - 25 Kb



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Season 2 and 3 Theme Song
Wav format - Source: DC Soundtrack's Official Site

Jen - "And how long does that take?"
Joey - "Don't go by me. I'd probably be stupid enough to wait forever."
Wav format

D a w s o n
(some courtesy of [])
Wav format

  1. "Good angel this Pacey."
  2. "You can get arrested for that in some states."
  3. "He's Mr. Got caught doing it in your parents bed."
  4. "Explain to me the Crisco."
  5. "Congratulations, you are the world's worst driver."
  6. "You're so full of it."
  7. "No, I'm enjoying my misery."
  8. "You told that people called me Oompa Lompa."
  9. " Don't bother, I will show myself out."
  10. "I'm sitting here with my best friend in the world and my palms are sweating."
  11. "And the rest is pornographic history."
  12. "Congratulations, that makes you Potsie."
  13. "It's the tap dancing in pumps I'm going to have trouble with."
  14. "I don't think there currently exists a word that describes my reaction."
  15. "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to talk to strangers?"
  16. "Your merging hormones aren't developing a thang for me, are they?"
  17. "You are a grade A 100% scary cat woos."
  18. "C'mon, don't get female on me, Joey. I don't want to have to start calling you Josephine."
  19. "Heyyyyy! Whhaatt'sssuuuppp?"
  20. "Joey!!! Usually in the morning with Katie Couric!"
  21. "They're slow-dancing. Her arms are wrapped around his waist and they're moving to some stupid cheesy '80s song and he's whispering things into her ear. Things that just kind of make her giggle and toss her hair to the side. Every once in a while their eyes meet and they shift, awkwardly, 'cause they know it's all coming down to that one moment at the end of the night when he leans over and tells her what a great time he's had and asks if they can do it again and she just smiles in that sexy, teasing way that she has. It's not really teasing, but just sexy and says 'I'd like that.' Then, their lips meet, their mouths come together, their tongues find each other, aaaaaaarghhhh, I can't take it!"


J o e y
Wav format

  1. "I don't Think I'm Getting a Thang for You" This one was made by me! - 18 Kb
  2. "Kiss that cretin."
  3. "A permanent disability."
  4. "Take the elevator to the next floor and get off."
  5. "It's time to grow up Dawson."
  6. "Sand in my crotch, heaven."
  7. "Having an ice cream antisocial."
  8. "Leather straps and Crisco."
  9. "Phasers on stun, I come in peace."
  10. "Don't you think you should get your pompoms Jen."
  11. "My sister gave birth to Rosemary's Baby."
  12. "Thank you Satan."
  13. "I have to smile?"
  14. "I'm not above witnessing your hormonal suicide."
  15. "Tinkerbell's last hope."
  16. "I just think our emergining hormones are destined to alter our relationship, and I'm trying to limit the fallout."
  17. "Puberty. Hi, I'm Joey. I live down the creek and we've never met...ever."
  18. "Accept your perfect life, Dawson. It's reality."
  19. "Nice going, Einstein."
  20. "Conceited...too pretty...ew, definitely a in Dicaprio." (.zip file)


P a c e y
(some courtesy of
Wav format

  1. "I'm Mr. Embarassingly Pure" This one was made by me! - 67 Kb
  2. "You, Andie McPhee, are the girl that I love to hate." This one was made by me! - 105 Kb
  3. "I'm the best sex you will never have."
  4. "Dawson's evil twin."
  5. "Hard to fail."
  6. "Lose my virginity in a high level fantasy fashion."
  7. "Boy this is fascinating."
  8. "This cannot be happening."
  9. "My butt is a magnet."
  10. "Break out the pinnata."
  11. "Perverted reindeer games."
  12. "Be kind, rewind."
  13. "Looks like prince charming has finally found the owner of that glass slipper."
  14. "Please don't make me eat dinner with the stepford family."
  15. "Nobody's first time should be captured on video."
  16. "I need a slave driver, somebody with a whip maybe."
  17. "Yeah. Cake, party hats, balloons, rock on! Yeah!"
  18. "Don't bet against that Potter girl."
  19. "Not only that, she kissed me back. Right there in the front seat of the Witter family truck. We played tonsil hockey for about an hour. She invited me in but it was a little late so I didn't. But she's cooking for me tomorrow night. She said she's always wanted to cook for the right man. Guess she found him. We were thinking about heading up to this cozy little B&B up the coast, spending a little quality time this weekend." (.zip file)
  20. "So, you know what? Let's just set the record straight here. Who's it going to be? Is it Jen or is it Joey? Do you like the blonde or do you like the brunette? These questions are not going to go away, Dawson. It's time that you start providing some answers." (.zip file)
  21. "Do you see this look on my face that I'm trying so hard to conceal? It has nothing to do with my birthday. It has nothing to do with getting my driver's license. And it certainly has nothing to do with roadtripping to Maine. It has to do with this dark realization today that everybody in Capeside has written me off deaming me neither worthy of their time nor their concerns. And the conclusion I came to today, on my 16th birthday, is that my best friend in the world looks at me the exact same way."
  22. "Okay. Everything's different now. You've got Joey and our friendship just can't compare to what you two have, okay?"
  23. "Since before the dawn of time, I have been designated the black sheep of my family. This label is permanent. I can't erase it and I can't trade it in for a new one. I can bring home an 'A' in Econ. or an 'F'. I can bring home the Nobel Peace prize and it wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference. So Miss Perky, you try growing up in a family atmosphere like that and see if you can stay motivated."

J e n
(some courtesy of [])
Wav format

  1. "You better clarify yourself right now before I rip your head off."
  2. "Grams I forgot to tell you the lord sent a fax when you were out, something about the Armagedon."
  3. "I'll go to church when you say the word penis."
  4. ""At the risk of sounding redundant... what the hell are you doing here?"
  5. " What the hell are you doing here?"
  6. "I'm 16. I've never stayed home on a Saturday night. I've never gone stag to a school dance. I mean, I-I'm pretty. I'm lucky. I'm fortunate. And I am still way too unhappy most of the time." (.zip file)
  7. "I'll be sleeping 80 feet away from you and it will feel like one thousand miles."
  8. "Must be, oh, a lot easier than just being the object of his infatuation."
  9. "Well, you sure look spiffy tonight. Where are you heading?"
  10. "Well if I'm all you got then I pity you, too."
  11. "It's funny. There's moments when I feel that nothing's really changed between us."
  12. "And I know that you're with Joey and I accept that. I just don't respect it."
  13. "Listen, why don't we just go on down to the boardwalk, and we'll come back after dinner when everyone's a little more toasted and not so uptight."
  14. "Well, Dawson has a gun, I thought we'd go knock over a few liquor stores and go for some tattoos."
  15. "Come on, I wish I had your stature and your long legs. My body's a mess. I'm too short, my hips do this weird thing, and my face is shaped like a duck."

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